Clouds (daily prompt)

All types, shapes and colors of clouds. However there’s nothing like being outside on a warm day laying on the grass looking up at a clear blue sky with big fluffy clouds.  This is one of the best times and places to let your imagination run wild.

Laying there looking up “oh look it looks like the luck dragon from the Neverending story”.  Hmmm, drifting into my thoughts I am soaring on the luck dragons back, looking at everything so tiny and vibrant below me. The freedom to fly through the air on the back of the luck dragon with the wind in my hair is awesome. I don’t want it to end, but alas the cloud has begun to change shape as it moves.

Then it’s on to the next shape I see and the adventure in my imagination. Take a moment on a clear day and let your imagination run wild and see where the clouds take you.


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