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Give Me Cool Please

So, I came back from vacation a few days early and I was both glad and horrified that I did. Walked into my apartment and discovered that my AC was not working. Called the emergency maintenance because the days had been extremely hot and muggy. When they called back I was told that, that was not considered an emergency and they’d have to look at it the next day.  Now I’m not one to normally go all horridly evil on someone, but that evening I simply told him that I did not accept that because I paid way to much in rent to go without AC.  So, a floor unit was brought over and hooked up.  

That floor unit did help to cool things down as long as there wasn’t much moving around because it kept the apartment between 73 and 75 which when I had originally came home it was a very toasty 75.  I’m used to it being like 67-69 degrees in my apartment.  So the next week this was mine and Velvet’s existence.  

Finally, yesterday my AC was officially fixed and my apartment is back to the coolness I like. Overall those days with just the floor unit weren’t horrible. I’m just spoiled since I moved up here into an apartment with AC, because growing up we didn’t have it at home.  


Bombs, Dogs, and Water

Nightmare (Prompt)

I’ve had a more than a few nightmares in my life. When I was a kid I had a very vivid one that nuclear bombs had been set off, my mom was bringing clothes in from the clothes line. She comes in and has us all cover ourselves with a sheet, and just as we do a bomb hits in our garden. I wake as the heat sears through my body at that moment of death.

Then I had a dream it’s not as vivid, but I clearly remember that my dog at the time Baby I killed her. I was devastated when I woke up because of the dream. I told mom about it, and she wouldn’t let Baby sleep in my bed for a week just because of the dream. She knew I would never intentionally hurt her, I think it was a matter of the fact that I had had such a nightmare.

I have had different types of water dreams, but the constant theme in them is a fast running current. I’m driving fast down a road and I’m usually stuck somewhere, when I need to get to another place. I have a feeling that I’m running late and I need to hurry. I have on numerous occasions ended up with my car floating down the current with me on top of the car hoping for help to come.

A great deal of the time I don’t remember my dreams, but I do wake up with a sense of dread. I’ve woke up crying before, but no idea what I was dreaming that had me crying. Not sure if anyone else has experienced these types of things, but this happens more times than not.

Grandpa’s Grapes

Forbidden (prompt)

When I saw forbidden it immediately took me back when I was extremely young, when my Grandpa was still alive. Now mind you this was my mom’s dad, and we lived in a 70 foot trailer on their land. I grew up for a few years on a farm and enjoyed when we harvested the corn and being in the wagon. Or after a particularly heavy rain there was a ditch in the pasture so we’d go swimming in the ditch.

Anyhow, my Grandpa had a small area of grapes that he grew, it wasn’t a lot but it was some. We were forbidden to touch the grapes under severe consequences if we did. The grapes were for his wine making endeavors. Bout the only time we ever were allowed to touch the grapes was to help mash them for the juice. The kids used to dare each other to go in Grandpa’s grape vines and pick grapes as some sort of initiation or something.

I so wish I could have had the time to know my mom’s parents better. They both died when I was very young, and feel I missed out on some good lessons. On that note, I wish you were still here, RIP Grandma and Grandpa.

My Paradise

Island (prompt)

There are those days when I so wish that I coul just retreat to my own little paradise in the middle of the ocean away from all people. My island would be lush with vegetation and big beautiful trees. There would be plenty of food and a fresh water source. It would never get cold, but at the same time it would never be to hot. See, this is the perfect place to live because you have anything and everything you could want or need. However, there are no phones, tv, or contact to the outside world. All the books you could wish for though to read.

Beaches that stretch for miles that when you walk you can dig your feet and toes into the softness of the sand and just relish in the feel of it. Waters as blue as the clear sky on a day with no clouds and the sun shining in the sky. A gentle breeze that blows in the day to drift the fresh smells of the vegetion and waters on the air.

On these days that I wish for an island, I find there is a sadness inside that such a perfect place only exists in my imagination. I find hope in the fact that each new day brings with it the chance to make changes within myself and to share with others. I also find that at times I like having my island in my imagination, because, I can then visit it whenever I like.


Burn (prompt)

When I was a kid I remember playing outside and swimming in the resevoir on a weekend. The sun wasn’t really out that day it was a cloudy day. When we went home that evening I was burnt so bad I couldn’t sleep. I was miserable. The next few days I couldn’t wear a bra and back in the day I had what was called a tube top so it was strappless and didn’t have to worry about straps because it hurt so bad to have anything touching my shoulders.

We would lather my shoulders and back with aloe vera. I couldn’t handle taking the vinager bath because vinager makes me nauseaus and lightheaded.  Well I ended up getting tons of tiny little blisters filled with water all over my arms and back. I would mess with the blisters on my arms because they didn’t hurt at first, they would burst and have a clear liquid in them, however the fresh skin underneath was sore.

I remember one day we were out at my aunt’s house visiting and my brother and cousin came up and we are wall talking and my brother and cousin at the same time slapped me on the back and took off running and laughing maniacally. I ran after them because it was the weirdest feeling having all those blisters bust at once and run down your back. They were such brats.  Ever since that burn I have been careful about being out in the sun especially on an overcast day because you can burn worse.


Clouds (daily prompt)

All types, shapes and colors of clouds. However there’s nothing like being outside on a warm day laying on the grass looking up at a clear blue sky with big fluffy clouds.  This is one of the best times and places to let your imagination run wild.

Laying there looking up “oh look it looks like the luck dragon from the Neverending story”.  Hmmm, drifting into my thoughts I am soaring on the luck dragons back, looking at everything so tiny and vibrant below me. The freedom to fly through the air on the back of the luck dragon with the wind in my hair is awesome. I don’t want it to end, but alas the cloud has begun to change shape as it moves.

Then it’s on to the next shape I see and the adventure in my imagination. Take a moment on a clear day and let your imagination run wild and see where the clouds take you.


Water (prompt)

This one was tough because there is so much that can be said about water. However, I remember when I was younger storms terrified me. Not because of the rain, but because of the thunder and lightening and wind. I grew up in a trailer at first on a farm and then we moved it to a little town. It was a 70 foot trailer with an added on room, but it was home.

When it stormed, the rain hitting the roof along with the wind just increased my anxiety because you heard and felt everything. This was before we got the rubber type roof put on the trailer. Back then they would put I believe it was pitch on it to keep it sealed from leaking.  The sound of the rain by itself hitting the roof was actually very relaxing. If you are able to have the window open in the summer time while it is raining the smell that it elicits is extremely intoxicating and helps with sleep. Now, if it rains to much, the worms come to the surface and then you have that wormy rainy smell and it’s not so much the best smell, but still lets you know that things are fresh. Water is the lifeblood of just about every living thing there is on this planet. Without it we would wither and die.