Clouds (daily prompt)

All types, shapes and colors of clouds. However there’s nothing like being outside on a warm day laying on the grass looking up at a clear blue sky with big fluffy clouds.  This is one of the best times and places to let your imagination run wild.

Laying there looking up “oh look it looks like the luck dragon from the Neverending story”.  Hmmm, drifting into my thoughts I am soaring on the luck dragons back, looking at everything so tiny and vibrant below me. The freedom to fly through the air on the back of the luck dragon with the wind in my hair is awesome. I don’t want it to end, but alas the cloud has begun to change shape as it moves.

Then it’s on to the next shape I see and the adventure in my imagination. Take a moment on a clear day and let your imagination run wild and see where the clouds take you.



Water (prompt)

This one was tough because there is so much that can be said about water. However, I remember when I was younger storms terrified me. Not because of the rain, but because of the thunder and lightening and wind. I grew up in a trailer at first on a farm and then we moved it to a little town. It was a 70 foot trailer with an added on room, but it was home.

When it stormed, the rain hitting the roof along with the wind just increased my anxiety because you heard and felt everything. This was before we got the rubber type roof put on the trailer. Back then they would put I believe it was pitch on it to keep it sealed from leaking.  The sound of the rain by itself hitting the roof was actually very relaxing. If you are able to have the window open in the summer time while it is raining the smell that it elicits is extremely intoxicating and helps with sleep. Now, if it rains to much, the worms come to the surface and then you have that wormy rainy smell and it’s not so much the best smell, but still lets you know that things are fresh. Water is the lifeblood of just about every living thing there is on this planet. Without it we would wither and die.



Treatment of Others

Deprive (daily prompt)

It’s amazing to me how people can be so petty and cruel. I have worked in healthcare for a long time. Specifically in mental health, and sadly I’ve witnessed what some of the effects of being deprived the basic human emotions of unconditional love and affection can do. Feelings of worthlessness no matter how much you try, shame that you will never be good enough.  The worst is when the person who makes you feel this way is the one person you are supposed to trust, love, and be lifted up by. This person is supposed to make you feel safe and loved, I’m talking about your parents.

I have for so long seen broken kids, teens and even adults. They don’t trust people, they think everyone wants something in return, when they are offered compassion. A lot of the time the original issue that brings them in is just a symptom to a bigger more base issue.

Sometimes it takes time and patience to build trust with them to even begin to work on some of these issues. More times than not the deprivation of unconditional love along with harsh criticism brings with it low self esteem. This includes low self worth, confidence and respect. It’s time that we work hard to lift each other up.

Offer kind words to each other. when a negative thought enters your mind, stop and think before you say it because once you say something whether it is negative or positive it is not easily taken back.


Fences (prompt)

A different take on the prompt.

Fences can be something that separate yards from one another. However, sometimes it can be something that someone is “on” in way of making a decision. Some decisions in our life we sit on a fence of whether to go one way or the other. Asking ourselves is the grass really greener on the other side. If you always stay in that same box never daring to jump to other side of the fence how are you ever going to grow as a person and really find out. So, challenge yourself to make the decision that is out of your comfort zone when you are on that fence. Take that road less traveled. Jump into that yard of the unknown and see what is there, give it a try. You will never know until you do.  There are many times that I have done the safe thing, made the easy decision. We, don’t get a second chance to go back and change our decisions usually.

The Tattoo

Voyage (daily prompt)

I wrote this in 2008 in regards to my journey of getting my first and so far only tattoo. So I kind of took the prompt a bit out of the box.

Well, the excitement and anticipation kept rising over the past couple of weeks.  It all ended on May 10th.  I had some great friends who went with me to get my first tattoo.  I thought that I would be way more nervous and that my heart would be pounding out of my chest when the first needle punctured my skin.  However, I wasn’t I was way more calm.  I made it through the whole process without having to take a break.  My tattoo turned out awesome. 🙂 

The thing I find funny is that I used to say I would never get a tattoo. I liked seeing them on other’s, but i wouldn’t get one cause I’m to big of a sissy for pain, and I just couldn’t see the point in marking up my skin.

That all changed a few years ago, when I came across the fire and water yin yang that I decided to use on a business card that I made up for therapeutic massage, that I am taking classes in to get an applied associates degree.  That particular yin yang just really had me drawn to it and I thought if I would ever get a tattoo that would be the one for it has great symbolism, in english it’s closest meaning is balance. (dark/light, masculine/feminine, evil/good).

So, I talked to a friend of mine and she took me to Donny Manco a local artist and  I spoke to him about it.  Over the next couple of years I continued to think about it.  Some things changed and I finally decided at the beginning of this year, it was time, now or never.  So, I set my appointment up.  After some minor complications and confusion, Saturday May 10, 2008 arrived and I made my way down to Donny Manco’s New Republic Tattoo shop and Donny proceeded to give me the most awesome tattoo ever.



Such a word that there are many things that can cause awe. The strength and perseverance of a soul that appears to have lost everything, yet they still can smile and offer a helping hand to others.  The courage it takes to face a new day after devastating loss, or to face a person who has severely hurt you in some way. People are resilient. You are resilient and can inspire that sense of awe in someone just by leading by example. Be that courageous, strong person who fights for what is just and right. Remember what it was like to courteous to others, and offer help. Bring back random acts of kindness and you can teach others that there are still awe inspiring people out there.


Broken Heart


(I wrote this a few years ago thought I would share)

The dull grays sky sinks in through the window casting it’s dreariness over everything in its path. The rain falls rhythmically on the ground like a piano playing a great classical piece. My heart sinks into the gloominess of the day. I try to fight it, however, it’s to fast and hides from me.

It cries out “Help me!”

“Please come back to me”

I continue to try and fight, but the weariness threatens to take me into its wrathful clutches. Hurt, anger, and pain all dwell in this spot that has taken and locked my heart away.

I wonder to myself, How did I get here?” The answer floats softly across my thoughts like a whisper from a lover, “you dared to love”. My heart starts to sink deeper into this bottomless pit of despair.

Love has blinded all my senses, it left my heart to jump in ecstasy of that next gentle touch, caress, or being held safely. Longing to hear that next word coming from your beautiful voice.

My heart is now locked in the dark pits of my soul, screaming to be released from its endless torture. Clinging to all that is left of the memory of us. Waiting and hoping for the phone to ring, wanting there to be some chance that the next knock on the door will be you. My heart clings to this phantom of hope that you really aren’t gone.

My soul weeps for my heart and embraces it knowing that, that spark of hope is wrong. My soul begins to spin it’s web around my wounded heart trying to bandage the damage that has already been done. It pours caring and patience into this bandage to help start the healing process.

Tears fall like an early morning dew off a flower petal. My soul continues to gently embrace my delicate heart, knowing, any more will shatter it beyond repair. The phone rings, and from within its cocoon of healing my heart skips a beat. It’s not you, and my heart starts to ache once again. My soul begins to whisper sweet words of solace to my fragile heart. This feeling of despair threatens to overwhelm all that is left of who I am, as the voice on the other end of the phone turns out to be someone else.

My soul binds it’s web, with all the love and understanding that it has left, around my heart that is still bleeding out anger, hurt, sadness, hopelessness, and despair. It promises that with each new day and with perseverance things will get better. My heart gets little comfort from this. It still feels the pain and anguish in the darkest, deepest, recesses of its chambers. Hope, love, life, and light once blossomed here, but now those feelings are just a distant memory.