Burn (prompt)

When I was a kid I remember playing outside and swimming in the resevoir on a weekend. The sun wasn’t really out that day it was a cloudy day. When we went home that evening I was burnt so bad I couldn’t sleep. I was miserable. The next few days I couldn’t wear a bra and back in the day I had what was called a tube top so it was strappless and didn’t have to worry about straps because it hurt so bad to have anything touching my shoulders.

We would lather my shoulders and back with aloe vera. I couldn’t handle taking the vinager bath because vinager makes me nauseaus and lightheaded.  Well I ended up getting tons of tiny little blisters filled with water all over my arms and back. I would mess with the blisters on my arms because they didn’t hurt at first, they would burst and have a clear liquid in them, however the fresh skin underneath was sore.

I remember one day we were out at my aunt’s house visiting and my brother and cousin came up and we are wall talking and my brother and cousin at the same time slapped me on the back and took off running and laughing maniacally. I ran after them because it was the weirdest feeling having all those blisters bust at once and run down your back. They were such brats.  Ever since that burn I have been careful about being out in the sun especially on an overcast day because you can burn worse.


2 thoughts on “Sunburn”

  1. Australia: I Love a Sunburnt Country
    Australia has the world’s,largest rate of skin cancer cases. I am from Melbourne and I remember during my childhood; me and my peers were ignorant of the sun’s dangerous rays, during Summer. My friends and I would have a competition: on the first day of at the swimming pool – to see who could get the biggest sun tan, that season. The winner would have developed a: “Chocolate Brown” body. We were so bad that, we did not even wear sun glasses or sun lotion; to protect ourselves, from the harsh and dangerous conditions. One positive is that; we were all taught at school, to swim all of the major strokes; in the pool – and, how to dive forwards and backwards; and, how to save ourselves, if we suffered a cramp while swimming; and, of course, about the dangers of Rips in the water.
    The Australian Government in the 1980s, made all of us aware; of the perils of skin cancer. It ran many successful advertisements, called: Slip, Slop, Slap; meaning, wear a T-Shirt in the water, apply Sun Tan Lotion everyday and every hour; and, wear sunglasses; and, as much as possible stay in, a shaded area – when outdoors. Time was also emphasized. You can only stay outdoors for a certain period; before, you get severely sun burnt. At present in Australia: scientists, researches and doctors are working with the government; to combat the Melanoma problem. All of this hard work and co-operation, will hopefully eradicate this sun killer, one day!


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