Fifteen Prompts in a Post on Caregivers

Admire (Prompt)

I long for the carefree days of being a teenager at times when all I had to worry about was doing homework and being in by curfew. However, I don’t have that luxury, the field that I work in, I see a lot of youth come through that have a lot more on their plate than that. I also see a lot of youth that try to act way older than they should and it slowly builds up to that crisis point where they end up in with us or somewhere else like a juvenile detention facility. Today’s youth are not being held accountable for their actions and are being allowed to get away with reckless, unpredictable and disrespectful behavior. There seems to be low punishment for the negative behaviors and at times they almost get some type of positive feedback out of it so they keep doing the behaviors.

There are people out there that give up their time to work in a field that gets no real acknowledgement for the service that it gives. The staff get yelled at and disrespected on a daily basis, they get told that they are being unfair when they are following the rules that are set down by their leaders and they try to explain this to their patients. I admire these men and women deeply and I feel honored to work next to them on a daily basis to give care to this group of people that at times can be so emotionally frail that one needs to handle them gently with understanding and caring to get through to them just a little. Sometimes the people we care for don’t realize the depth that we actually care in order to come in and work the job we do day in and day out. There are times that we get accused of just being in it for “the money”, and that is the furthest thing from the truth. On holidays when others are feasting with family and friends, caregivers are with the loved ones who cannot be there.

As the clock ticks down to the ending of another year, it is never really the end, time is unstoppable, it continues to move ever forward. As time moves forward it moves as the winds blow ever constant. It is elusive in that time is a commodity that we as humans need to value because we are only given so much of it, and need to savor each and ever day to it’s fullest. We are never garunteed tomorrow. So the next time that you come across a caregiver, take a moment and thank them for what they do for others. Sometimes it is nice to hear a thank you even though we never expect it, in our jobs of trying to provide a place that feels like a sanctuary where you can feel safe enough to share and open up so that you can get well.


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