Velvet’s vacation

Relaxing at the parentals during the middle part of my “staycation”, and I look over to the couch and see Velvet all cozy and sleeping. She just looks so sweet and innocent, but I know she is resting up to start more trouble in the morning. What what trouble will be only she will know. 

Velvet absolutely loves coming to my parents place, mostly because she gets spoiled. First, she gets to go outside in an enclosed pen without having to wear her harness. Second, she gets Turkey bacon and eggs in the morning from the “grandparents”. Third, at dinner she gets a hot dog or some other meat. 

Then, when we stay for more than just a couple of days, mommy brings her “bee” and she has hours of play time with bee on the carpet as we now have wooden floors at home and it has cut into how much she plays with bee. At times she appears a bit Forlorn because she can’t scoot across the wooden floor like she does on the carpeted floor.


“The Puppy Playdate”

Been awhile I know. Yesterday Velvet had a  “puppy playdate”.  Velvet herself is no longer a puppy but her playdate was though. They got along well. I think the meeting went well. Velvet had a shadow most of the time it was to cute. At one point we had to intercept Sammie so Velvet could potty, because Everytime Velvet got ready to potty Sammie would dive bomb her. 

When we got home Velvet was tuckered and slept. I’m so glad they got along so we can have more playdates.

The Love of A Car

Carry (prompt – a different take)

My poor car is currently in the shop due to recently being violated. I try to take care of my car, because it’s always taken care of me. I had recently got a tire fixed, and that same day got the oil changed. This was all after I got off work. I then went to the store then headed back to my apartment.  I unloaded my car and went inside. Now blessing of blessings Velvet is potty box trained, so I was able to crash. I didn’t go back out until I had to head to work 2 days later in the evening. Imagine my horror when I get in my car and start it up and it sounds like a very sick Harley. Backed out, and low and behold the exhaust pipe that runs under the driver’s seat was dragging. Next morning took my car to the shop. 

They gave me a loaner car which is a 2016 Chevy Cruze. I have fallen in love, but cannot afford a car payment (sad tears).  

That afternoon the shop called and informed me that someone had stole the catalytic converter from my car. This make me so angry. I have lived at this apartment complex for years and never had anything like this happen. My faith in people has been shaken. Why? What gave I or my car ever done to the lowlife who did this?

 I informed the apartment complex in case others have something happen, filed a report, and then filed a claim.  I should find out soon if my insurance will cover anything to get this fixed, because this will be expensive.  My car has been good to me and I try to be good to it. We’ve been through running over a dead deer in the middle of the road. Surprisingly no physical damage it was all internal. Just recently finally got listened to that my heater has never worked right since it was fixed after the deer incident. This is a few years after the fact, a guy called and found out how to remove the dash and when he did, found that all the inside vents were full of deer hair among fans not working right.  

So, if you are a mechanic don’t dismiss someone who tells you something isn’t working right in their car. I knew and no one listened to me, so my car and I suffered when we didn’t have to, if I had been listened to. That’s just one example. 

This is the live between a 2004 Chevy cavalier and it’s human!!! Take care of your car and it will take care of you.

Enabling a packrat

Work started a new way to award years of service this year. It used to be you got a gift card with a set amount for each 5 years of service. No problem you could use it to buy what you wanted or even pay bills whatever your choice.

This year they started with, you choose a gift, from a set of options and they are no where near the amount you’d get with the card. Let alone the fact they are things I already have or don’t need. So, no matter what I choose it will just add to my already growing pile of pack ratting/clutter. People need to learn never encourage a pack ratter to continue to pack rat.

I don’t like change especially with things like this, I had been looking forward to being able to pay a bill or two. Ok, enough whining.

This beauty is always the highlight of any of my days.

Fifteen Prompts in a Post on Caregivers

Admire (Prompt)

I long for the carefree days of being a teenager at times when all I had to worry about was doing homework and being in by curfew. However, I don’t have that luxury, the field that I work in, I see a lot of youth come through that have a lot more on their plate than that. I also see a lot of youth that try to act way older than they should and it slowly builds up to that crisis point where they end up in with us or somewhere else like a juvenile detention facility. Today’s youth are not being held accountable for their actions and are being allowed to get away with reckless, unpredictable and disrespectful behavior. There seems to be low punishment for the negative behaviors and at times they almost get some type of positive feedback out of it so they keep doing the behaviors.

There are people out there that give up their time to work in a field that gets no real acknowledgement for the service that it gives. The staff get yelled at and disrespected on a daily basis, they get told that they are being unfair when they are following the rules that are set down by their leaders and they try to explain this to their patients. I admire these men and women deeply and I feel honored to work next to them on a daily basis to give care to this group of people that at times can be so emotionally frail that one needs to handle them gently with understanding and caring to get through to them just a little. Sometimes the people we care for don’t realize the depth that we actually care in order to come in and work the job we do day in and day out. There are times that we get accused of just being in it for “the money”, and that is the furthest thing from the truth. On holidays when others are feasting with family and friends, caregivers are with the loved ones who cannot be there.

As the clock ticks down to the ending of another year, it is never really the end, time is unstoppable, it continues to move ever forward. As time moves forward it moves as the winds blow ever constant. It is elusive in that time is a commodity that we as humans need to value because we are only given so much of it, and need to savor each and ever day to it’s fullest. We are never garunteed tomorrow. So the next time that you come across a caregiver, take a moment and thank them for what they do for others. Sometimes it is nice to hear a thank you even though we never expect it, in our jobs of trying to provide a place that feels like a sanctuary where you can feel safe enough to share and open up so that you can get well.

Give Me Cool Please

So, I came back from vacation a few days early and I was both glad and horrified that I did. Walked into my apartment and discovered that my AC was not working. Called the emergency maintenance because the days had been extremely hot and muggy. When they called back I was told that, that was not considered an emergency and they’d have to look at it the next day.  Now I’m not one to normally go all horridly evil on someone, but that evening I simply told him that I did not accept that because I paid way to much in rent to go without AC.  So, a floor unit was brought over and hooked up.  

That floor unit did help to cool things down as long as there wasn’t much moving around because it kept the apartment between 73 and 75 which when I had originally came home it was a very toasty 75.  I’m used to it being like 67-69 degrees in my apartment.  So the next week this was mine and Velvet’s existence.  

Finally, yesterday my AC was officially fixed and my apartment is back to the coolness I like. Overall those days with just the floor unit weren’t horrible. I’m just spoiled since I moved up here into an apartment with AC, because growing up we didn’t have it at home.  

Breed Love Not Hate

Drive (Prompt)

With all that has been happening recently it makes you wonder about what’s happening to the values of people today.  Hate breeds more hate and that is what we are doing with all this stuff going on. People waving their Black lives matter signs and say “if you argue against it then you don’t understand”.  No, what I understand is simple basic truth no matter what ALL LIVES MATTER. it doesn’t matter your race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, etc. All lives matter. We all bleed if we are cut. I know that I’m stepping on very thin ice saying any of this, but things need said.

We need to come together more than ever now and become stronger and more unified. This country is falling apart right in front of us and we are allowing it to happen. Everyone is blaming everyone else, but we need to stand up and take responsibility for our part in this and work together to fix things.

Let’s use our drive to make positive changes. Be good to each other, teach our kids the value of a hard earned dollar and respect for your elders, as well as clear consequences for any negative behaviors they exhibit. Help those that need it when we can, and even be good to ourselves. Stop feeding the hate that is being bred and start breeding love, kindness and understanding.  

A touch of balance

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