Bombs, Dogs, and Water

Nightmare (Prompt)

I’ve had a more than a few nightmares in my life. When I was a kid I had a very vivid one that nuclear bombs had been set off, my mom was bringing clothes in from the clothes line. She comes in and has us all cover ourselves with a sheet, and just as we do a bomb hits in our garden. I wake as the heat sears through my body at that moment of death.

Then I had a dream it’s not as vivid, but I clearly remember that my dog at the time Baby I killed her. I was devastated when I woke up because of the dream. I told mom about it, and she wouldn’t let Baby sleep in my bed for a week just because of the dream. She knew I would never intentionally hurt her, I think it was a matter of the fact that I had had such a nightmare.

I have had different types of water dreams, but the constant theme in them is a fast running current. I’m driving fast down a road and I’m usually stuck somewhere, when I need to get to another place. I have a feeling that I’m running late and I need to hurry. I have on numerous occasions ended up with my car floating down the current with me on top of the car hoping for help to come.

A great deal of the time I don’t remember my dreams, but I do wake up with a sense of dread. I’ve woke up crying before, but no idea what I was dreaming that had me crying. Not sure if anyone else has experienced these types of things, but this happens more times than not.




Been on vacation all week. It has been so nice to not have to do anything at all, except relax and spend time with my family. Mom and I have taken her and my dog for at least a golf cart ride everyday if not two a day. Buddy, moms dog will whine and bark and pretty much talk the entire time, while, Velvet just sits in my arms or stands on the floor with her head hanging out the side just quietly enjoying the ride.

We’ll stop at the park and take them for a walk as well and let them take in all the scents. Until recently Velvet would barely wait for the cart to stop before getting off it and starting the walk. Here recently we have had to coax her off. I think a lot of it has to do with the recent holiday that just passed and all the fireworks.  Velvet doesn’t like fireworks at all.

When she was a puppy I took her to the fireworks, because the last dog I had loved the fireworks so I thought if I exposed her early to these types of things she would get used to them and be fine.  Boy was I wrong. That was a painful night for mom and I both as Velvet clawed us up trying to get away from the noise. We took turns holding her and soothing her to no avail. So, now she stays home with Buddy and Grandpa when I can come home to make it to the fireworks with mom.

It will be hard to go back when my vacation ends cause it’s been so nice hanging out with my mom, and seeing other family. However, vacations must end, and work must commence again so I can continue to pay bills. But for right now I’m enjoying a nice respite. Sometimes one needs a vacation in order to rejuvenate the desolate wasteland of their souls from work burn out. Once quenched and rejuvenated, then you can once again go back and be productive in your pursuits.

The Darkness

Darkness (prompt)

Don’t turn the lights out until your feet are on the bed. Otherwise, once the light goes out its free game for that monster under the bed to grab your ankles and pull you into his deep dark never ending abyss. The darkness is where the creatures and spirits dwell. They move here just out of reach and sight.

That uneasy feeling that comes when you are out walking at night, heed it. When the hair raises on the back of your neck, it’s not always because there’s”someone” there, it may be because there is “something” dark and dangerous lingering about you. They peer in your windows from the outside wishing for you to turn the lights out so they can come closer and whisper their evilness to you.

The darkness is like a seductive lover in the night caressing you. Calling to you to come to it and embrace it, however you must fight. Stay in the light, this is where love, understanding, and friendship can be found. Don’t walk alone, the darkness prefers it if you are alone and vulnerable.  Have your objects of love, light and goodness on you to protect you. Tread carefully my friends.

Grandpa’s Grapes

Forbidden (prompt)

When I saw forbidden it immediately took me back when I was extremely young, when my Grandpa was still alive. Now mind you this was my mom’s dad, and we lived in a 70 foot trailer on their land. I grew up for a few years on a farm and enjoyed when we harvested the corn and being in the wagon. Or after a particularly heavy rain there was a ditch in the pasture so we’d go swimming in the ditch.

Anyhow, my Grandpa had a small area of grapes that he grew, it wasn’t a lot but it was some. We were forbidden to touch the grapes under severe consequences if we did. The grapes were for his wine making endeavors. Bout the only time we ever were allowed to touch the grapes was to help mash them for the juice. The kids used to dare each other to go in Grandpa’s grape vines and pick grapes as some sort of initiation or something.

I so wish I could have had the time to know my mom’s parents better. They both died when I was very young, and feel I missed out on some good lessons. On that note, I wish you were still here, RIP Grandma and Grandpa.


Layers (prompt)

Layers are everywhere and in almost everything. One thing I find fascinating is the layers of a tree. They are rings of growth, but looking at a stump they are layered. Each set of rings can tell slot about the year for the tree. Especially the weather conditions. The wider the ring the more wet and water fed the tree was that year. It was a healthy year. The smaller the ring the dryer the year and do the tree had to conserve it’s water to survive.

Just like trees each year we add another “ring” to our personality. We are the people we are due to the total of our choices, experiences, how we were raised, among other things. People are such fascinating creatures. Sometimes it is just interesting to sit back and observe their behaviors. With all the layers that people have, there is no one single code to solve the same problem for each individual.  Each individual’s problems need to be worked differently.


Autonomy (Prompt)

Independence, the right to choose your own path. If not for the men and women of the armed forces, who have fought so that we could keep those rights, we would live in a society where our basic choices would be made for us. As it is we live in a society today where a lot of our freedoms have been tamped down by stricter laws.

A lot of kids today show none of the respect we were taught when we were younger. Half the things I see kids do if I had treated my parents that way I would have been spanked, but in today’s society that is frowned upon and called abuse. I believe there is a fine line between abuse and discipline. For some kids time outs just don’t work. I know this is a very controversial subject, and I also know not all kids are like this. I do believe that parents on some level need to be held accountable if they allow their kids to act as disrespectful and aggressive as some do, just because they don’t want to deal with the tantrum and giving them what they want stops it. this does no favors for the child for as they get older this gets worse, and then parents try to take their child to a facility to get them “help” wanting the staff to fix the problem. a lot of the times it’s a parenting issue and not something that can be fixed with medication. I understand parents want their kids to be independent and make their own choices, however sometimes a parent needs to say no and stick to their decision, no matter the tantrum. 

My Paradise

Island (prompt)

There are those days when I so wish that I coul just retreat to my own little paradise in the middle of the ocean away from all people. My island would be lush with vegetation and big beautiful trees. There would be plenty of food and a fresh water source. It would never get cold, but at the same time it would never be to hot. See, this is the perfect place to live because you have anything and everything you could want or need. However, there are no phones, tv, or contact to the outside world. All the books you could wish for though to read.

Beaches that stretch for miles that when you walk you can dig your feet and toes into the softness of the sand and just relish in the feel of it. Waters as blue as the clear sky on a day with no clouds and the sun shining in the sky. A gentle breeze that blows in the day to drift the fresh smells of the vegetion and waters on the air.

On these days that I wish for an island, I find there is a sadness inside that such a perfect place only exists in my imagination. I find hope in the fact that each new day brings with it the chance to make changes within myself and to share with others. I also find that at times I like having my island in my imagination, because, I can then visit it whenever I like.

A touch of balance

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