Give Me Cool Please

So, I came back from vacation a few days early and I was both glad and horrified that I did. Walked into my apartment and discovered that my AC was not working. Called the emergency maintenance because the days had been extremely hot and muggy. When they called back I was told that, that was not considered an emergency and they’d have to look at it the next day.  Now I’m not one to normally go all horridly evil on someone, but that evening I simply told him that I did not accept that because I paid way to much in rent to go without AC.  So, a floor unit was brought over and hooked up.  

That floor unit did help to cool things down as long as there wasn’t much moving around because it kept the apartment between 73 and 75 which when I had originally came home it was a very toasty 75.  I’m used to it being like 67-69 degrees in my apartment.  So the next week this was mine and Velvet’s existence.  

Finally, yesterday my AC was officially fixed and my apartment is back to the coolness I like. Overall those days with just the floor unit weren’t horrible. I’m just spoiled since I moved up here into an apartment with AC, because growing up we didn’t have it at home.  


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