Breed Love Not Hate

Drive (Prompt)

With all that has been happening recently it makes you wonder about what’s happening to the values of people today.  Hate breeds more hate and that is what we are doing with all this stuff going on. People waving their Black lives matter signs and say “if you argue against it then you don’t understand”.  No, what I understand is simple basic truth no matter what ALL LIVES MATTER. it doesn’t matter your race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, etc. All lives matter. We all bleed if we are cut. I know that I’m stepping on very thin ice saying any of this, but things need said.

We need to come together more than ever now and become stronger and more unified. This country is falling apart right in front of us and we are allowing it to happen. Everyone is blaming everyone else, but we need to stand up and take responsibility for our part in this and work together to fix things.

Let’s use our drive to make positive changes. Be good to each other, teach our kids the value of a hard earned dollar and respect for your elders, as well as clear consequences for any negative behaviors they exhibit. Help those that need it when we can, and even be good to ourselves. Stop feeding the hate that is being bred and start breeding love, kindness and understanding.  


One thought on “Breed Love Not Hate”

  1. I agree with you 100%. The “Black Lives Matter” movement is expressive itself (here in Toronto) in such an abrasive manner that, not only is not getting the (presumed) desired message across, but it is also creating antagonism towards their group. This is most certainly NOT the way to express a desire for equality.

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