The Darkness

Darkness (prompt)

Don’t turn the lights out until your feet are on the bed. Otherwise, once the light goes out its free game for that monster under the bed to grab your ankles and pull you into his deep dark never ending abyss. The darkness is where the creatures and spirits dwell. They move here just out of reach and sight.

That uneasy feeling that comes when you are out walking at night, heed it. When the hair raises on the back of your neck, it’s not always because there’s”someone” there, it may be because there is “something” dark and dangerous lingering about you. They peer in your windows from the outside wishing for you to turn the lights out so they can come closer and whisper their evilness to you.

The darkness is like a seductive lover in the night caressing you. Calling to you to come to it and embrace it, however you must fight. Stay in the light, this is where love, understanding, and friendship can be found. Don’t walk alone, the darkness prefers it if you are alone and vulnerable.  Have your objects of love, light and goodness on you to protect you. Tread carefully my friends.


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