Layers (prompt)

Layers are everywhere and in almost everything. One thing I find fascinating is the layers of a tree. They are rings of growth, but looking at a stump they are layered. Each set of rings can tell slot about the year for the tree. Especially the weather conditions. The wider the ring the more wet and water fed the tree was that year. It was a healthy year. The smaller the ring the dryer the year and do the tree had to conserve it’s water to survive.

Just like trees each year we add another “ring” to our personality. We are the people we are due to the total of our choices, experiences, how we were raised, among other things. People are such fascinating creatures. Sometimes it is just interesting to sit back and observe their behaviors. With all the layers that people have, there is no one single code to solve the same problem for each individual.  Each individual’s problems need to be worked differently.


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