Grandpa’s Grapes

Forbidden (prompt)

When I saw forbidden it immediately took me back when I was extremely young, when my Grandpa was still alive. Now mind you this was my mom’s dad, and we lived in a 70 foot trailer on their land. I grew up for a few years on a farm and enjoyed when we harvested the corn and being in the wagon. Or after a particularly heavy rain there was a ditch in the pasture so we’d go swimming in the ditch.

Anyhow, my Grandpa had a small area of grapes that he grew, it wasn’t a lot but it was some. We were forbidden to touch the grapes under severe consequences if we did. The grapes were for his wine making endeavors. Bout the only time we ever were allowed to touch the grapes was to help mash them for the juice. The kids used to dare each other to go in Grandpa’s grape vines and pick grapes as some sort of initiation or something.

I so wish I could have had the time to know my mom’s parents better. They both died when I was very young, and feel I missed out on some good lessons. On that note, I wish you were still here, RIP Grandma and Grandpa.


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