Autonomy (Prompt)

Independence, the right to choose your own path. If not for the men and women of the armed forces, who have fought so that we could keep those rights, we would live in a society where our basic choices would be made for us. As it is we live in a society today where a lot of our freedoms have been tamped down by stricter laws.

A lot of kids today show none of the respect we were taught when we were younger. Half the things I see kids do if I had treated my parents that way I would have been spanked, but in today’s society that is frowned upon and called abuse. I believe there is a fine line between abuse and discipline. For some kids time outs just don’t work. I know this is a very controversial subject, and I also know not all kids are like this. I do believe that parents on some level need to be held accountable if they allow their kids to act as disrespectful and aggressive as some do, just because they don’t want to deal with the tantrum and giving them what they want stops it. this does no favors for the child for as they get older this gets worse, and then parents try to take their child to a facility to get them “help” wanting the staff to fix the problem. a lot of the times it’s a parenting issue and not something that can be fixed with medication. I understand parents want their kids to be independent and make their own choices, however sometimes a parent needs to say no and stick to their decision, no matter the tantrum. 


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