My Paradise

Island (prompt)

There are those days when I so wish that I coul just retreat to my own little paradise in the middle of the ocean away from all people. My island would be lush with vegetation and big beautiful trees. There would be plenty of food and a fresh water source. It would never get cold, but at the same time it would never be to hot. See, this is the perfect place to live because you have anything and everything you could want or need. However, there are no phones, tv, or contact to the outside world. All the books you could wish for though to read.

Beaches that stretch for miles that when you walk you can dig your feet and toes into the softness of the sand and just relish in the feel of it. Waters as blue as the clear sky on a day with no clouds and the sun shining in the sky. A gentle breeze that blows in the day to drift the fresh smells of the vegetion and waters on the air.

On these days that I wish for an island, I find there is a sadness inside that such a perfect place only exists in my imagination. I find hope in the fact that each new day brings with it the chance to make changes within myself and to share with others. I also find that at times I like having my island in my imagination, because, I can then visit it whenever I like.


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