Treatment of Others

Deprive (daily prompt)

It’s amazing to me how people can be so petty and cruel. I have worked in healthcare for a long time. Specifically in mental health, and sadly I’ve witnessed what some of the effects of being deprived the basic human emotions of unconditional love and affection can do. Feelings of worthlessness no matter how much you try, shame that you will never be good enough.  The worst is when the person who makes you feel this way is the one person you are supposed to trust, love, and be lifted up by. This person is supposed to make you feel safe and loved, I’m talking about your parents.

I have for so long seen broken kids, teens and even adults. They don’t trust people, they think everyone wants something in return, when they are offered compassion. A lot of the time the original issue that brings them in is just a symptom to a bigger more base issue.

Sometimes it takes time and patience to build trust with them to even begin to work on some of these issues. More times than not the deprivation of unconditional love along with harsh criticism brings with it low self esteem. This includes low self worth, confidence and respect. It’s time that we work hard to lift each other up.

Offer kind words to each other. when a negative thought enters your mind, stop and think before you say it because once you say something whether it is negative or positive it is not easily taken back.


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