The Tattoo

Voyage (daily prompt)

I wrote this in 2008 in regards to my journey of getting my first and so far only tattoo. So I kind of took the prompt a bit out of the box.

Well, the excitement and anticipation kept rising over the past couple of weeks.  It all ended on May 10th.  I had some great friends who went with me to get my first tattoo.  I thought that I would be way more nervous and that my heart would be pounding out of my chest when the first needle punctured my skin.  However, I wasn’t I was way more calm.  I made it through the whole process without having to take a break.  My tattoo turned out awesome. 🙂 

The thing I find funny is that I used to say I would never get a tattoo. I liked seeing them on other’s, but i wouldn’t get one cause I’m to big of a sissy for pain, and I just couldn’t see the point in marking up my skin.

That all changed a few years ago, when I came across the fire and water yin yang that I decided to use on a business card that I made up for therapeutic massage, that I am taking classes in to get an applied associates degree.  That particular yin yang just really had me drawn to it and I thought if I would ever get a tattoo that would be the one for it has great symbolism, in english it’s closest meaning is balance. (dark/light, masculine/feminine, evil/good).

So, I talked to a friend of mine and she took me to Donny Manco a local artist and  I spoke to him about it.  Over the next couple of years I continued to think about it.  Some things changed and I finally decided at the beginning of this year, it was time, now or never.  So, I set my appointment up.  After some minor complications and confusion, Saturday May 10, 2008 arrived and I made my way down to Donny Manco’s New Republic Tattoo shop and Donny proceeded to give me the most awesome tattoo ever.


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