Golf Carts, Fireworks, and Grills Oh My


When I think of summer these days, golf cart rides in my hometown come to mind, since they are legal in the city limits and the popular form of travel. It’s also a cheap form of travel as well. When I’m home my mom and I take our dogs Velvet and Buddy for rides. Velvet just absolutely loves her rides.

The 4th is always a big day around here. Our little city has a very good fireworks display. Their annual parade has gotten smaller over the years and more political, yet the people still turn out. I so try to make it every year that I can to make sure mom gets to go because dad won’t go anymore. He does participate in the parade and drives his golf cart that has been decorated to honor all branches of the military.

One of the best things about summer is having food cooked out on a charcoal grill. Hot dogs must be black that’s how they carry the best taste, hamburgers just simply taste better, Chuck roast/steak marinated then cooked out us oh how so yummy and when mom cooks cheesy potatoes on the grill is awesome. Now you want the weather just right. If it’s to hot you’re just miserable and don’t feel like moving, to rainy then ya can’t enjoy the outdoors or even a golf cart ride.


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