We met Wednesday, December  15, 2010. I followed my phone’s navigation system after talking to a gentleman on the phone out to a farm house. Saw the 4 cutest puppies. All except one were boys. There were 4 total. I took the female in the bunch. On my way home I called my mom and cried telling her I had done something I shouldn’t have. She asked me what and I told her I bought a puppy. Told her she was laying inside my coat on my chest at the moment while I drove. My mother laughed at me.

She got her name from my ex because I had called him and told him I had got her and didn’t know what to name her. I told him how soft she was and he suggested Velvet and when I said it out loud she looked at me like “yeah what ya need”, so I knew that was her name.

We went to PetSmart and loaded up on the necessities, then headed home. Over the next few weeks, Velvet essentially potty box trained herself after running straight into a snow drift way larger than her. She left a lovely image of her body frame. However did not look amused at the time.

She has made the best companion for me even though she is a brat. A brat, how? you ask. Well, let’s see. The turd got a hold of my phone and unplugged it from the outlet while I was taking a nap. She proceeded to pull it off the dresser I use as a nightstand, and then unplugged the cord from the phone. I woke up with her at my feet chewing on my phone. There was a voicemail from my brother stating he was returning my call. Which I never made as I was asleep, and there was also a text from him stating that Everytime I called there was a loud gurgling breathing sound.  I checked and needless to say somehow my turd of a dog Velvet had managed to call my brother like 3 or 4 times during her chewing escapade.  I texted my brother back and explained I was not the one who called, it was Velvet and obviously it was important with the number of times she tried. However, I further explained she refused to tell me what she wanted.

It will be 6 years since I got her this year. She’s the best, most frustrating thing that has ever happened to me. I wouldn’t change the experience for the world. She’s loyal, trusting, loving, and my best friend.



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