You know with all the changes in weather is killer for the sinuses. So much so that going to work sick has been a thing for the past couple days. Then maybe it’s not my sinuses, it could be my body punishing me for getting my hair cut.

I got 12 inches off of it and it’s the shortest it’s been since middle school or high school, unless you count when I shaved underneath.  Got 8 inches cut last year and no one noticed so you know your hair is long when you can get that much cut and they don’t notice. 12 inches and if they don’t notice that they are blind as bats 😂

It’s actually nice and lighter with less hair because it’s thick and with that extra 12 inches that was a lot of extra weight. Here I am babbling on. Vacation is coming up and I think maybe I’m gonna add some color to my hair. Not to mention we can see how long it will take for it to grow back.

When I was younger my mom would threaten to get my hair cut short cause “I didn’t take care of it like I should”. Finally I called her on the threat and told her to set the appointment up. Went to our neighbor lady who has since moved. She tried to talk me out of it and cried when she cut my hair. I told her if I didn’t like it, it would always grow out. That was the second time I had my hair cut short, first time I don’t remember I was to young. However, apparently my mom took me down to another neighbors when we lived in the country and told her she just wanted the split ends cut off. When she came back I had short hair and from my understanding mom was not happy.



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