Well, mom and I took the dogs for their golf cart ride. we took them to the park and went for a walk, then loaded them back up and off we went out to the store to get bologna. Once mom got that then we came home and made “ham salad” after she boiled the eggs. I was the official taste tester.

It’s been a pretty hot day today. My dad came in early from his “man cave” because he just couldn’t bear the heat any longer outside. He had a sandwich and retired to his bedroom to cool off.

Mom and I each made a sandwich later and watched TV in the den. We had to use the DVR old school because the remote control wasnt working. We found out it was just replaced this past April. Personally I think there is something wrong with the DVR that’s not letting it stay aligned with the remote contol.

Overall it has been a nice weekend. Velvet has got to spend time in the pen without needing to be in her harness, and gotten her golf cart rides with walks in the park. She’s been spoiled in the morning with bacon and eggs which she only gets from grandma and grandpa.


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